6 thoughts on “Our Next International Teaching Adventure!

  1. Hi Guys!

    We just love hearing about your adventures! Congrats on selecting your next job placement. I can only imagine how hard that might be. Bali is great. Don’t be utterly confused when you get a class and they all have the same 4 names….they are named by their birth order. You are moving to an island so pack some good care packages of food to add a little variety to your diet! Nasi Kampur and Nasi Gorang gets a little tiring! Justin and I especially like Ahmed for diving. We first got certified there and it was a totally chill place to get away from crowds. The Gilli’s off Lombok had some good diving too. The Gilli’s do a lot of “Happy” pizza and snorkeling and storm watching after a happy pizza can be a lot of fun! Your life sounds amazing and Allison, Ironman…now that is totally nutty. What an accomplishment. I am so glad you two keep traveling and making it happen. So dreamy! Keep the posts coming…I need inspiration and there is not a lot of that here in Vermont! Happy New Year

    Michele and Team Turcotte

    On Mon, Jan 3, 2022 at 4:10 AM Grant and Alison Go Wandering wrote:

    > grantandalisongowandering posted: ” > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_aEL_PzO0s ” >


    1. Michelle! Thank you for the message and apologies on the delay 🙂 Bali feels a world away; we are in day
      4 of nonstop snow here in Bulgaria currently. Thank you for the great recommendations in Gilli and Lombok – we are pumped for the diving as you can imagine. Did you use 3mm or 5mm diving wetsuits when you went? Thank you for all the positive vibes and wishes! Heart, Ali & Grant


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