The quarantine ends (aka Day 1 of the rest of our lives)

In a bizarre twist of events, our quarantine started on Leap Day and ended on Pi Day.

This morning at 10am, two FULL Hazmat suit humans (gender unidentified, they were very well concealed) knocked on our door. They pulled out a pink sheet (the “sheet to freedom”) and asked us to confirm that these were our names. Then, they got our temperature reading using the laser-to-wrist thermometer. The morning check had gone without a hitch.

Then, at 2pm, they came back (same or different people? not sure, still quite concealed). Pink sheet identification and thermometer-to-wrist. Our temperatures checked out again. Everyone signed the sheets and they gave us the pink copy (ticket to freedom). EEEKKKKK!

First moments of freedom.

We got all dressed (it’s winter outside, who knew?) with masks and winter clothes and backpacks and headed down to the lobby. We were told by our HR woman that there was a checkout procedure to complete. We went down to the lobby and were given two small health cards from the property manager.

We were then escorted to the main office where we had to contact the local police station on our phones. We sent them photos of our pink sheet and small health card. We then stayed in the office to try and obtain an electronic health check card. Forty minutes later, still waiting for our phones to load the information, we were told that, actually, foreigners can’t obtain the online health card. This means we need to keep our pink sheet + health card with us wherever we go.

We then headed to the metro, which was, thankfully open.

What does this mean for us?
Poster translation

For a Saturday afternoon at 4pm, the metro was quiet.

We headed downtown to a restaurant/pub that we knew was open. We walked past “I am Legend” streets – almost nothing was open. However, the places that were open and selling food were busy. We had a nice evening with our friends; catching up, giving them our gifts we brought from NZ, and relishing in our freedom.

We have been notified by the school that the start date is still in flux. Basically, we know that we don’t know. For now, we will get into a routine of online learning, cycling and running (AQI dependent), and making meals from the groceries … that we can actually go and buy ourselves .. crazy thought, I know. I am weirdly excited to go to the supermarket 😉

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