*Lucky 13* in quarantine

A couple of days ago, we made this video for Charlotte’s parents (Rosemary & Gary) in NZ. This video exhibits the most epic day we had under the NZ sun. Hiking the Tongariro Crossing is not a feat most would endure – it requires hiking all day across 20+ km of mountains in the central part of the North Island. We wanted to commemorate the teamwork, fun times, and relentless efforts of this day. Hope you enjoy it!

In other news, we are hanging in there (today is Thursday, we get to leave our apartment Sunday afternoon).

AQI was up today; notice how the mountains in the distance dissolve into the smog (as compared to a day last week with a more healthy AQI).

Today’s view
Last week

Sam-O brought us homemade cheesecake. Honestly, I am not a huge cheesecake fan; I find it a bit too rich/strong of a flavor. However, this cheesecake is DA-BOMB; excellent flavor and fresh strawberries on top.

#adulting paperwork for the next gig 🙂 Can you tell which fingers I struggled on?
Ready for schoolwork in my “sweater pants”

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