Day 14 (of 15?) in these four walls

AQI was an epic low today (50). We could see the moutain with some actual details out of our window. See slideshow below of the past two weeks of mountain viewing.

….when your call your sister when you’ve just woken up…. you look like a muppet, and she likes ready for the runway! ‘Mander is still working on the “little heart”.

Grant cycled this morning, and Ali caught up with her “friends” on PopSugar.

This sweat is real. This love is real.

We both had online class today, and checked in with students regarding their online learning.

Some of our other colleagues are starting to trickle back into the country to start their 2-week mandated quarantines. We still aren’t sure when school will officially re-open. Rumors are flying about the beginning of April, but all is determined by the local education board. Qingdao is a large hub city for South Korea; if numbers continue to rise there and flights are still going, the decision may be made to reopen later.

“We get by with a little help from our friends” – Grant chatted with Eric this morning on the phone, and Ali chatted with Sam this evening

Sweet Sam in VT 🙂

For dinner, we did a combo of takeout (guity-charged, to get our favorite The Way beer) and Grant made some chilli. For a cold evening, it was the perfect Friday-night grub!

We aren’t sure if tomorrow is the end or if Sunday is the end. We received a message this afternoon that the health officers would be here tomorrow to check our temperatures twice for the bill of health. We aren’t holding out breath, but getting out tomorrow would be awesome (since we were told this week our quarantine would last until Sunday afternoon).

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