QQC (12 out of 15)

A not-so-good thing about today: The HR woman (savior) from our school helping us during our quarantine called the health quarantine headquarters today. We will be screened (temperature checks) twice this SUNDAY. If our temperature checks are okay both morning and evening, then we will get a paper saying we are done with the quarantine. This health declaration paper must be with us at all times in order to go anywhere. This is an additional day to what we were first told (14 days). Not happy about the result (an additional day away from freedom), but thankful for some transparent information/answers.

Good thing #1 about today- Skyping with our homies Franky, Christiana, Robbie, and Zach

When you tell Zach you’ll be in the “802” this summer… please notice the actual fist bump 🙂

Good thing #2 – Chicken tikka masala for dinner

Inside the apartment was a big work day for Grant with grading, online Business class, and catching up on some #adulting items.

Outside the apartment was a gorgeous *spring* day. AQI was down and the sun was up. Life from the tenth floor looks pretty normal – people walking around, taking their kids out walking, cars driving on the road. These are all happy signs for spring, and for life getting back to normal here in Q-city.

11C = 51.8F

We opened the windows for to let some fresh spring air in!

A gorgeous spring day in Qingdao!
Here is the reality in Qingdao – people walking on the streets, kids outside, cars driving on the road, some buses out for commuters.

Quarantine “sunset” as the cookie lady calls it

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