Day 11 of the qingdao quarantine chronicles (QQC)

No “grand-chose” for today.


A) Leftover bolognese for breakfast. Here are photos from its fresh form:

B) Chats with Brooke a.k.a. Brooke trout a.k.a. Brookie a.k.a. Brookie cookie 🙂 Love you Brooke!

See you this summer 🙂


C) Cycling for Grant and PopSugar for me

*high-fiving all my invisible friends*

D) Mexican *hot pockets* for dinner


A) Delivery woes again today – Groceries arrived in the lobby at 9:15am and we received them at 10:12am. Based on how yesterday went, we put in one LARGE order. If we planned it out correctly, this will last us until Saturday!

Rations between now and Saturday 🙂

B) The HR worker from our school told us that the “quarantine system” is backlogged; meaning that the Quarantine Officers were backed up on the check-out paper to let us “free” from quarantine. She estimated our quarantine would last 1-2 days longer due to this. In kind words, we said NO, and she called the health office to confirm that Saturday afternoon would be the last temperature check before our “bill of freedom” – which she said will be a paper stating we can leave. We will wait and see…

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