Day 9 at the “ranch”

The Quarantine Chronicles continue on this rainy (Funday?) Sunday in Qingdao.

The highlights from today:

-Eating homemade salsa and playing chess

-Homemade ramen made by Grant *the broth was TOO die for – ginger, slightly lemon, salty, hearty*

…and after
…and AFTER 🙂 Seriously best Ramen ever!

The lowlight from today:

-Grant and I had to record our temperatures at 4pm (like usual) – which happened to occur during the chess game. The game must have been heated because Alison’s temp came in at 37.5 celsius (100 fahrenheit). Without even thinking, we sent the results away, but I was quickly messaged to redo the temperature. Apparently, a red alarm had sounded because people from HR started messaging and privately asking if I was okay. I redid the temperature (but clearly was not any less flustered with people starting to freak out). The two subsequent readings were 37.0, and then 36.9. Clearly I hit a hot minute for the initial recording.

However, the hysteria related to this reading started me thinking… alot…. about this virus and how it is being handled. I have seen the data related to the virus for my age and gender (0.2% in people 10 to 39). Why is the media painting a death sentence for anyone with the virus? Shouldn’t we be using the data to inform our medical practices? This virus doesn’t affect a 29-year old male the same way it does a 75-year old female. People, CHANGE THE NARRATIVE! Please, let’s use the data to *educate* people about the predicted side-effects their body will experience instead of using highly-improbable broad-strokes.

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