Day 7 of the Quarantine Chronicles

TGIF! We both had online class today, Grant talked to his sis this morning on Skype, “cookie lady” came through again with a brownie delivery (sent from her apartment on the second floor to the property manager in the lobby to us on the tenth floor), and Grant made goulash for dinner.

Images from Alison’s online class – DNA extraction from strawberries! Students were engaged and excited to try the lab at home – it is quite easy to do with materials found around the house!

When our quarantine began, Grant made a goal to cycle 30 minutes each day. Bonus points if you can guess what movie he is watching! HINT: The movie has lasted 5 days thus far 🙂

Goulash for dinner 🙂

One thought on “Day 7 of the Quarantine Chronicles

  1. Oh my gosh you guys!! I can’t imagine being stuck in the house like that! I knew you were in China obviously but never made the connection until I saw your posts! Wow! We’re definitely thinking of you and your situation and hoping that you stay safe and healthy! Keep up the postings.
    Sending positive energy from VT!


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