Quarantine chronicles – Day 6

Day 6 here in the apartment quarantine and all this went down –

1. You call your sister for the BeachBody workout and this is what you get:

“When you watch The Bachelor, you are reminded that your day wasn’t so bad after all.”

Camry and her new toy: Birdy

Where’s Birdy?

2. Skyping Hil a.k.a. muffin tin, and seeing sweet Gus River 🙂

Gus is too sweet!

3. DNA extraction of strawberries 🙂 This is prepping for online class time tomorrow when I will show my students this lab demo. Please note the “reuse” of many items previously witnessed from an earlier post.

Prepping the lab … with vodka?
Strawberry DNA 🙂 Science is TOO cool!
I subsequently tried with potato DNA and banana DNA. No dice on the potato DNA extraction but here is the banana DNA.

4. “Scarlett’s pasta” from the movie Chef – made by the best chef in the world, Grant

All that parsley 🙂
Scarlett’s pasta – again, this is literally AS good as it looks!

5. While the victories seem to outweigh the challenges, we cannot deny some points of stress/hardships along the way. This morning, an HR personnel from our school helped Alison to get some Starbucks coffee delivered to the house.


However, this was followed by some negative comments from the property manager. We are 100% dependent on the workers in this apartment complex to bring us EVERYTHING that we have delivered to the lobby (did we mention that we aren’t allowed to leave the apartment?). They are overwhelmed with the amount of deliveries they have to make, as shown in this dialogue below.

This back and forth between us and the property manager (to bring items up that have been delivered) happens on a daily basis. They are clearly swamped with the number of people quarantined in the building, and scramble each day to keep up and organize what goes where. We are all stressed. We understand these are stressful times.

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