Quarantine Chronicles – Day 5

Three themes for today:

  1. “Workouts without borders” – Sarah skyped me in for her workout so I could join along. Grant has been cycling on the indoor bike each day, and I have been doing a variety of cycling/online videos/ZUMBA to keep active.
  2. Work
  3. General Tsao’s chicken from scratch – believe me, it IS as good as it looks!
Workout twerkout 🙂 with BeachBody
Camry @ Sarah’s house – she also likes the BeachBody program!
Grant has an online class time with his students 3X per week, and I have class 2X per week. In addition to the class time, we assign students work through Schoology, and give them individual feedback through WeChat. We input scores from the work into PowerSchool, and communicate with their tutors (similar to TA or advisor) about their progress so that they can (in Chinese) inform parents of progress. This is a whole new ball game – for both teachers and students – to familiarize ourselves with the online platforms we are using and provide timely and efficient feedback. I also call my students individually on WeChat weekly (a few students each day) so that they can ask questions personally. The learning curve has been steep and the shift to the online world has its unique challenges, but overall we have been impressed with the persistence and diligence of our students.
…after 🙂 Don’t be fooled, folks, Grant was in the kitchen for 2+ hours making this divine dish from scratch!

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