Quarantine Chronicles – Day 4

Skype calls with family and friends back home are, more than ever, SO important and appreciated. I told my mom we ordered some apples but that we were being cautious to eat raw foods so soon to arriving back in Qingdao. She suggested I make applesauce. Applesauce and latkes were the breakfast choices this morning 🙂

…and after!
I heard somewhere that you’re not supposed to put hot foods into a blender….oops. Seriously though the blender made this applesauce amazing 🙂
Breakfast is SERVED!

Work time was in full swing as well today…

Even Jedis have to do work!
“Cookie lady” came through. Our friend downstairs, a.k.a. cookie lady, made some brownies and bacon-biscuits, and had the property manager deliver them up to us 🙂
When the AQI (index of air pollution) is low, we can see the mountains in the distance from our apartment window. 🙂 When the AQI is too high, the mountains begin to fade away. On some extreme days with a high AQI last year, the buildings in red/grey in the close distance also faded away into the smog.

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