Day 3 Quarantine

This morning, our school’s DR department delivered some materials to keep us healthy and safe. We are loving this Chinglish (word that seems to translate from Chinese to English but misses the mark by a bit) word on the side of the alcohol disinfectant. This “vodka” actually came in handy to clean around the house.

Disinfecting outside the body… and inside?

For dinner, we decided to order some pizza. We weren’t sure if it would work because we had heard that the “kangaroo people” (delivery guys on motorcycles) might be hard to find due to the virus. Here is Grant placing the order:

Grant translating the food choices to make sure he orders the correct pies.
Grant paying for the food. 169.30RMB is about $24. 2 large pizzas and onion rings.

Once we placed the order, it took a couple minutes, but then a kangaroo guy was assigned to pick up the pizza. Once it arrived, we had to tell the property manager to bring it up. They were a bit swamped with many quarantines and deliveries around dinner time, but, 40 minutes later, we had a knock at the door indicating our delivery had made it up to our floor.

Extreme packing situation we agree. Boxes inside styrofoam aluminum heat pockets inside a plastic bag. Free Sprite was nice 🙂

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