J.A.G.S. go CHINA!

How did China let these two Ver-monsters into the country? Haha just kidding! We were SO grateful to have friends from home visit us for the past ten days. We used to work with Sam at U-32 many moons ago, and she and her husband, Justin, came to visit Qingdao and Beijing (making A&G into J.A.G.S.). This was their first big trip out of the states (and was also their 5-year anniversary) and they jumped headfirst into experiencing the Spicy Chinese cuisine and uniquities of Chinese culture.

Qingdao Sculpture Park
Beer Street – Wow, that’s a lot of Tsingtao!

Playing tour guide is awesome because you go to, or revisit, pretty sweet spots that, perhaps, we wouldn’t normally wander to on our own. Highlights included the Tsingtao brewery tour, Fish Temple in Qingdao, the Summer Palace in Beijing and an epic two-day sleepover adventure on the Great Wall!

The Great Wall sunrise after tenting in one of the watch towers!
Grant at Jinshanling section of the Wall
Summer Palace Theatre
JAGS at Tiananmen Square
Temple of Heaven
The Forbidden City
Drum Tower in Beijing
Laoshan mountain-to-beach day in Q-city
Laoshan Mountain – so many stairs!
Ver-monsters at the Beer Museum 🙂

This was the best way to start an awesome summer holiday. Now, we are Euro-bound! Stay tuned!

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