A tour of our Chinese apartment

Lots of friends and family have asked us what our apartment situation is like since we’ve moved to China.  Here is a little video tour of our place! Feel free to ask us questions or just reach out and say hi!

All the best,

Grant & Alison

5 thoughts on “A tour of our Chinese apartment

  1. Hey friends! I miss you both so much! I have loved reading your blog and really liked seeing your apartment! Can you explain how you’re suppose to shower without a bottom lip on the shower? I used a shower like that in Italy, and is the goal actually to flood the bathroom floor? Cause that’s what happened to me! Anyway we think of you guys lots the kids miss you tons and I hope you’re having an adventure of a lifetime!


    1. You hope like hell that your drain is working properly! LOL. There is a small lip on the door, gives you about an inch before it spills out into the hall:) Aw, thanks C! We miss you too! Hope all is with you, Luke, Lucy, and the critters! Let’s skype sometime and get caught up!


  2. Hi Guys, Grant I love hearing your voice, you sound wonderful. The apartment is great.! What floor are you on and did you have to furnish it? Love you Always looking for news. Mom


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